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Sit and stalk alone,
with all these evil urges
Dragging me further,
I've got these habits,
gotta kick 'em

I woke up this morning feeling stressed out
I swear I gave it my all and put my best out
Sometimes I'm happy and sometimes I feel depression
Through all my ups and downs, I know life's a lesson
Won't let this world can't break me, I gotta kick my habits
I gotta change it up even if it takes some magic
I gotta keep it honest even if it causes static
I gotta smile at my future and stay diplomatic
A few friends are dead now, a few friends are addicts
Most friends hustle and stretch it like gymnastics
I overcame that and brought music to the masses
Students of my flow listen up this class kid
If your mind's strong then there's nothing that you can't do
If your heart's strong, that's passion, that means you can't loose
But the evils, the drugs, the temptations
All these habits, kick them now, I'm impatient

Tempting with linen,
she's got every habit
Dressed with her in sin,
you wanna touch her
Gotta kick 'em

I Knew this one girl that had a man that was so abusive
He would cheat on her and lie and say he's exclusive
So dirty he messed around with no condom on
got his girl pregnant, now they all sick and almost gone
Addicted, prescriptions, sex and drugs,
Seen many overdose and many catch the bug
It's scary when you can't think past tomorrow
When feeling free ain't an option and you have to borrow
I gotta pave my own way, who said it comes easy
I gotta represent, I know the streets needs me
But it's deeper than that I know that the world needs me
It's a cold world and trust me theres no freebies
I gotta be responsible, I gotta love life
But these evil habits, I got all types
I gotta kick kick until I get it tight
I'm built to go through it to the end and be alright

Sit and stalk alone,
She's got every habit
Dragging me further
I've got these evil habits


Written by Dwight James Abell, Eric J. Breitenbach, Emmanuel Matovu
Produced by Eric J. Breitenbach
Mixed by K-REC
Mastered by Ryan Dahle



all rights reserved


VANDETTAS Vancouver, British Columbia

VANDETTAS are Eric J. Breitenbach • Emmanuel Matovu • Dwight James Abell.

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